In a world where international collaborations are ever-growing, we have noticed that a lack of understanding of cultural differences can be a real barrier to the effectiveness of a project, and even to its success. We believe that positive collaborations between people or teams from different cultures generate synergy and innovation when the right approach is applied.

At Cikaår, we support every type of business, from international groups to startups, in considering the matter of intercultural challenges within their international development or their global strategy. We firmly believe that setting up appropriate and effective solutions for international collaborations is a key factor to success.

Claire Ivins
Claire Ivins // Founder

As an American who spent 17 years in China, Claire’s life path has brought her to France after her Intercultural and Communication Linguistics degree in the US.

With more than 10 years of experience working on intercultural challenges within large companies, her experience has allowed her to fully grasp the impact that culture has on human behaviour, as well as the high stakes it represents.

In 2017, she created her own intercultural management consulting firm, Cikaår.

Cikaår was born based on the following issues

Every culture has its codes, its rules and its ways of being, communicating and working.

This diversity should be seen as a wealth and can deliver benefits such as a different point of view or a different way of doing to any international project. It has however its challenges that cannot be ignored.

Goodwill isn’t enough when one doesn’t take into consideration how the other operates.

Let’s take at a simple reunion as an example: depending on which culture paradigm you’re looking from, the objectives, proceedings and ambiance can vary considerably. Gathering Chinese, French and American people around a table without taking into account these differences is the perfect recipe for creating deep misunderstandings and frustrations. The collaboration becomes complicated, even impossible without the understanding of everyone’s cultures and the ability to adapt to each of them.

The quality of international collaborations is put at risk by this lack of understanding.

We have witnessed lost contracts, tensions and conflicts that completely block projects, frustrations and daily malfunctions that go against business productivity… all of that because of a lack of awareness and consideration of the cultural differences!

Cikaår - Toulouse

International collaborations are multiplying in a world where human beings are more and more connected.

We know that these challenges are a real stake for companies, and we want to support their successes.

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